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AnyConfig::AcMemCfgSection Class Reference

Holds a section (list of name-value pairs). More...

#include <AnyConfig.h>

List of all members.

Public Methods

void AddMemCfgItem (AcMemCfgItem *item)
void RemoveMemCfgItem (AcMemCfgItem *item)
void DeleteAllMemCfgItem ()
void ReplaceMemCfgItem (AcMemCfgItem *item, AcMemCfgItem *newItem)
AcMemCfgItemGetFirstMemCfgItem () const
AcMemCfgItemGetLastMemCfgItem () const
AcMemCfgItemGetNextMemCfgItem (AcMemCfgItem *pos) const
AcMemCfgItemGetPrevMemCfgItem (AcMemCfgItem *pos) const
int GetMemCfgItemCount () const
AcMemConfigGetMemConfig () const
 AcMemCfgSection (AcMemConfig *pMemConfig, const char *section)
 Constructor method. More...

virtual ~AcMemCfgSection ()
 Destructor method. More...

const CString& GetSection () const
 Returns the value of member '_section'. More...

void SetSection (const CString &rSection)
 Set the value of member '_section' to 'rSection'. More...

AcMemCfgItemFindEqualOrBiggerMemCfgItem (const CString &key)
AcMemCfgItemFindEqualOrSmallerMemCfgItem (const CString &key)
AcMemCfgItemFindMemCfgItem (const CString &key)
AcMemCfgItemFindReverseMemCfgItem (const CString &key)

Public Attributes

AcMemCfgSection* _parentMemConfig
AcMemCfgSection* _leftMemConfig
AcMemCfgSection* _rightMemConfig
int _balMemConfig

Private Methods

void ConstructorInclude (AcMemConfig *pMemConfig)
 Method which must be called first in a constructor. More...

void DestructorInclude ()
 Method which must be called first in a destructor. More...

Private Attributes

int _countMemCfgItem
CString _section

Detailed Description

Holds a section (list of name-value pairs).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AnyConfig::AcMemCfgSection::AcMemCfgSection ( AcMemConfig * pMemConfig,
const char * section )

Constructor method.

AnyConfig::AcMemCfgSection::~AcMemCfgSection ( ) [virtual]

Destructor method.

Member Function Documentation

void AnyConfig::AcMemCfgSection::ConstructorInclude ( AcMemConfig * pMemConfig ) [private]

Method which must be called first in a constructor.

void AnyConfig::AcMemCfgSection::DestructorInclude ( ) [private]

Method which must be called first in a destructor.

const CString & AnyConfig::AcMemCfgSection::GetSection ( ) const [inline]

Returns the value of member '_section'.

void AnyConfig::AcMemCfgSection::SetSection ( const CString & rSection )

Set the value of member '_section' to 'rSection'.

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